Selection & Service


Imagine choosing between a large international brand of beer and the smallest local brew. Tough decision? Not anymore! East Street Distributing Co. provides its customers both retail and wholesale with the opportunity to choose from the iconic classics and the new craft beers, both on the same shelf, with over 150 different varieties in stock at any time.

We currently receive weekly shipments from each of Western PA master distributors. Check out the brands they represent below, and then come see us at East St. to make your perfect selection.

  • Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale
  • Tony Savatt, Inc.
  • Galli Beer Dist. Co., Inc.
  • Wilson-McGinley
  • Vecenie Distributing Company


Bringing value and efficiency to our all of our customers is a priority for East Street Distributing Company. As a local business we know the things that matter the most; operating costs, profit margins, customer satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that your malt beverage needs are met.

Our services are simple; we provide a diverse selection of beer at a low cost to your business to make you more money. You order, we deliver, rotate your stock to ensure freshness and work on your behalf with local brewery sales representatives to get your business what it needs in order to be successful.

As one of the 1,200 family owned licensed beer distributors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, East Street stands out as a premier distributor because we do more than buy, sell, warehouse and deliver beer. We are also small business owners, volunteers for local causes, parents and supporters of our local community needs.

East Street Distributing Company stands ready to be your malt beverage distribution company, let us know how we can help you today.

The East Street Difference


Most beer distributors deliver beer and that’s all they do, deliver it to your location, collect a check and move on. At East St. we do more than just deliver, we also rotate your stock, guarantee freshness and help resolve any issues that may have arisen with a product. We are the distributor that you can count on when you need more than just your beer delivered.

Our Team.

East St. Distributing Co. is proud to have a team of hardworking men and women that pride themselves on customer satisfaction. Generally speaking, each of our delivery specialists deliver to the same customers week in and week out, ensuring that your employees don’t have to waste time showing a new delivery guy each week where the beer goes. Our current employees have an average tenure of over 15 years delivering beer in the Western PA market and all of them are PA LCB RAMP trained.


What you see, is what you pay. No delivery fee, no hidden fees, straight upfront and forward pricing. We don’t come in and sell low and raise our costs each year, we simply have a flat per case markup and that’s the way it stays. The only change in price that gets passed on to the customer is the yearly increases from the brewers, usually at the beginning of fall.

Going Direct vs. Going with East St.

In Pennsylvania, local establishments can receive direct shipments from the master distributors. However, this means on average 6 beverage trucks making deliveries to your business per week on their schedule. At East St. we take deliveries from each of the master distributors on a weekly basis, and then we combine all of the products that you need into one delivery, saving you time and money. In most cases, East St. is even less expensive than the direct shipment method.

Technological Advantage.

As tavern ownership begins a generational shift, East Street Distributing Co. is ready to meet the technological demands of its customers. Online ordering, email, e-invoices and online payment methods are just a few of the endless opportunities that East St. is embracing, in a not so common market.

Trending Variety to Consumers.

East St. has also invested thousands of dollars in a new back office, cloud based inventory tracking system that allows us to stay on top of the market. If you need to know what’s trending locally or even nationally, don’t rely on your local brewery representative who is pushing their brands. Rely on East St. to give you real time market information that delivers the numbers and the trends, which will save your business time and money.